Video: Apple gedenkt Steve Jobs

Heute vor zehn Jahren ist Steve Jobs gestorben. In Gedenken an den Apple-Mitbegründer und -Visionär zeigt der Mac-Hersteller auf heute ein fast drei-minütiges Video mit Zitaten und Bildern von Jobs, seinen Überzeugungen und einigen seiner grössten Errungenschaften.

Apple-CEO Tim Cook hat das Video auch via Twitter geteilt (@tim_cook / Twitter)

Begleitet wird das Video auf der Startseite der Apple-Webseite mit einem Schreiben der Jobs-Familie:

For a decade now, mourning and healing have gone together. Our gratitude has become as great as our loss. Each of us has found his or her own path to consolation, but we have come together in a beautiful place of love for Steve, and for what he taught us. For all of Steve’s gifts, it was his power as a teacher that has endured. He taught us to be open to the beauty of the world, to be curious around new ideas, to see around the next corner, and most of all to stay humble in our own beginner’s mind. There are many things we still see through his eyes, but he also taught to look for ourselves. He gave us equipment for living, and it has served us well. One of our greatest sources of consolation has been our association of Steve with beauty. The sight of something beautiful — a wooded hillside, a well‑made object — recalls his spirit to us. Even in his years of suffering, he never lost his faith in the beauty of existence. Memory is inadequate for what is in our hearts: we miss him profoundly. We were blessed to have him as husband and father.

Von Stefan Rechsteiner
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